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One Piece Chapter 1117 Teases a More Personal Bond Between Luffy and Sabo



Spoilers for the new chapter 1117 of One Piece suggest a closer relationship between Sabo and Luffy than fans may have anticipated.

While One Piece gets closer to the end of the Egghead arc, more and more astonishing revelations are made by Doctor Vegapunk. If the most important ones have already traveled around the world of pirates thanks to the dissemination of his message, there is one last one which should not take long to arrive in the manga, and it concerns someone close to our future king of pirates.

Indeed, according to the spoilers of chapter 1117, the Egghead scholar will evoke the bearers of the “D”, the famous letter that is only found in the names of very specific characters. And at the moment of this very specific passage, the manga reveals the faces of several pirates, most of whom we know to be possessors of the badge: Teach, Dragon… but also Sabo!

sabo lulusia one piece

If the first two are not a surprise, the third may leave readers of One Piece. Because Sabo’s real name was never revealed, and nothing seemed to indicate the D in the young man. If the clue is true, then Eiichiro Oda has just made his fans understand that Sabo is actually part of the elitist family.

If One Piece excels in one area, and that is creating long-term intrigue. Sabo could thus be one of the famous “enemies of the gods” and his participation in the revolutionary army could be explained more thanks to the instinctive aversion to authority that we find among the bearers of the D.

But the chapter 1117 clue of One Piece may well have been preceded by other suggestions from the author. Like his relationship with Ace and Luffy for example, they also hold the emblematic letter. If at the time, Sabo could be seen as an intruder since he was not related by blood to his comrades, we can now better understand the links maintained with his two spiritual brothers. And Eiichiro Oda could then have foreseen everything from the start.

Although the theory seems very likely, it has not yet been confirmed by the manga. At this point, spoilers only offer a taste, but should make new revelations soon.

For those who are more impatient, you can also consult our guide on the release date and the spoilers known to date concerning chapter 1117 of One Piece.

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