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One Piece Chapter 1117 Title Confuses Fans



Chapter 1117 of One Piece abruptly interrupted Vegapunk’s message, and the title of this latest chapter caused confusion among fans due to different translations.

The manga One Piece returned from its short hiatus this weekend with a shock chapter, in which fans were able to witness the highly anticipated clash between Zoro and Nusjuro. Nusjuro attacked the Thousand Sunny, but Zoro and Jinbe stopped him in time. Additionally, Saturn attacked the Iron Giant and prematurely interrupted the broadcast.

Vegapunk is about to share a message with those bearing the name “D.”, but Saturn destroys the snail before he can do so. While the world is in turmoil over Vegapunk’s message, York is finally relieved after succeeding.

One of the popular translations gives the title of chapter 1117 of One Piece as “Mo,” which has led fans to come up with several theories since it fits the context of Vegapunk’s message. However, the new title is “Se…” (or “A” in English) which disproves all theories and leaves little room for fan speculation.

As one fan suggested in response to the post on X/Twitter: “Among you, there is another JoyBoy” (lit.: “Among you, there is another JoyBoy”). An idea shared by another Internet user, who believes that “The title of the chapter (Se) was surely translated according to Oda’s instructions (thanks to a note).”

“Now that the One Piece chapter has been officially released, things have become even more confusing for me because it has been translated as ‘SE.’ Among the ‘Ds,’ there is something that could imply several things: there is a knower of the lost century, there is someone allied with the world government, there is an elected official, etc.,” shared a third fan.

Another added, “Lol. They played it safe. It’s good. It’s not a word starting with ‘A.’ It’s more like a sound… It’s good, it’s great to translate it like that when you have no idea what the word means.”

“I remember telling people not to draw conclusions from Mo because it’s a crude translation from Japanese,” commented one last.

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