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One Piece Chapter 1117 will bring back characters who have been missing for 25 years, fans are excited



Very observant fans have spotted some characters from One Piece missing for 25 years in the next upcoming chapter, and they are excited to see them again!

Warning, this article contains spoilers for chapter 1117 of One Piece !

We are now in the Final Saga of One Piece, and many familiar faces make a brief reappearance as Dr. Vegapunk makes his big statement in the final stages of the Egghead Island arc. If you look closely, you’ll even spot a pair of pirates who have been missing for over 25 years.

Typically, fans can expect to see characters again who are more or less relevant to the ongoing plot as we move towards the grand conclusion of a saga. But One Piece seems to want to go against this trend by bringing out these infamous characters that we haven’t seen for years.

The last time we saw Gin and Don Krieg’s Pirate Armada was in Chapter 67, during the Baratie arc, where they suffered a defeat at the hands of the still-forming Straw Hat crew and aim to return to sea. Don Krieg’s right-hand man, Gin, promises Sanji that they will meet again one day on the Grand Line.

That was 25 years ago, and there have been no signs of a reappearance of the Krieg Pirates or Gin until now. But thanks to chapter 1117 spoilers of One Piece, as Vegapunk addresses the world, we were able to briefly see some familiar faces in the first panel. On the left we can see Pearl in her shield armor, and on the right, behind the text, are two other characters reminiscent of Don Krieg and Gin.

Fans of One Piece have a habit of joking that every mysterious apparition whose face is hidden “could be Gin” who has finally returned. Gin and the Pirates of Krieg have thus become a meme in the community of One Piece since their departure, and that’s why fans are more than delighted by their unexpected return.

One fan excitedly states in a Reddit thread regarding the new chapter: “The Pirates of Krieg are here! Gin, Pearl and Krieg are all in the first page. They have reached the new world!” noting that the crew has reached Blackbeard’s Pirate Island (or Hachinosu) located in the New World.

Another wonders if Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Pieceis aware of Gin jokes: “Oda, you are crazy. As much as I laugh at the ‘Gin Comes Back’ memes, this is the first time they’ve been shown in ages, right?”

Also making an appearance is Mont Blanc Cricket and his Ape Special Forces (formerly known as the Primate League), who had not been seen in 20 years at the end of the Sky Island Saga (or Saga Skypiea), proving that they are all alive and healthy.

Smoker, who hasn’t been seen in action since the Dressrosa Saga, appears to be on the move as the action on Egghead unfolds. We don’t know where it’s headed yet, but one thing’s for sure, we’ll have a lot to look forward to in the next chapter of One Piece.

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