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One Piece Chapter 1117 Will Give Fans The Fight They’ve Been Waiting For



One Piece returns after a hiatus with an even more exciting series of events, with recent spoilers revealing that Chapter 1117 will feature the long-awaited fight of a fan-favorite character.

Vegapunk’s message in the manga One Piece has wreaked havoc across the world, with some believing his revelations about the Forgotten Century, while others do not. On the other hand, the members of the Gorosei are on Egghead where they are fighting the pirates and also trying to stop the broadcast.

Although Vegapunk reveals many secrets about the Forgotten Century in his message, Rayleigh doesn’t seem particularly pleased. In fact, chapter 1116 hints that he doesn’t want Vegapunk to reveal anything. Warning: this article contains spoilers from the upcoming chapter 1117 of One Piece !

nusjuro in one piece

Spoilers confirm that Zoro and Nusjuro will fight in the upcoming chapter. Since Nusjuro is also a swordsman, fans have been waiting for the duo to cross swords ever since the Gorosei arrived on Egghead. However, it was Sanji who first crossed paths with Nusjuro.

But the next chapter should finally satisfy the fans as they prepare to witness their long-awaited fight. The members of the Gorosei are incredibly powerful, and it’s unclear how anyone can harm them. While Zoro and Nusjuro face off, the villain recognizes Zoro’s Kitetsu blade.

But it doesn’t stop there, as the Gorosei also manages to stop the broadcast after attacking the Iron Giant. He was protecting the snail, but the bad guys cut off the message at the most crucial moment.

A fan then shared this on X/Twitter: “Zoro vs. Nusjuro. We were waiting for this. »

“It’s finally here! We have been waiting for this moment! It still seems like a dream to me.”declares another.

A third Internet user adds: “We finally have Zoro versus Nusjuro. We prayed for times like this. »

You can also check the release date and more spoilers for Chapter 1117 of One Piece. And to learn more about One Piecefinally discover what Zoro and Sanji think of each other, or even why Gol D. Roger did nothing by learning the truth about the world.

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