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One Piece Chapter 1118 May Frustrate Zoro Fans



The start of the fight between Zoro and Nusjuro had excited readers of the manga, but chapter 1118 could well bring down the hype.

The manga One Piece is clearly in the middle of the climax of the Egghead arc: Vegapunk’s message has led to revelation after revelation, the clashes between the Navy and the pirates are fiercer than ever and the Elders are determined to get rid of everything that is linked directly or indirectly to the Forgotten Century.

In all this chaos, a terrifying member of the Gorosei has appeared: Nusjuro, capable of transforming into a skeletal centaur while wielding a blade as long as it is sharp. These assets, added to his exemplary handling of the sword, quickly made him one of the most dangerous adversaries on the island of science. It was enough for readers to place bets and hope to see him face another talented swordsman, namely Roronoa Zoro, Luffy’s right arm.

And the author of One Piece seems to have heard their prayers, unveiling the start of their titanic match in chapter 1117. Yet, fans’ fun seems to be doomed to be spoiled in chapter 1118.

Warning: the rest of this article contains spoilers from chapter 1118 of One Piece !

Chapter 1118 of One Piece risks greatly disappointing Zoro fans

According to spoilers, if the stars of the next part of One Piece will clearly be Luffy and Bonney, Zoro will be absent from chapter 1118.

roronoa zoro in one piece

This is not the first time that a duel between Luffy’s second in command and formidable enemies has been neglected: the character had also been absent from the manga for several chapters while he held back Rob Lucci, to the point of becoming the target of mockery on social networks.

The tension had increased a notch in chapter 1117, Jinbei literally sending the pirate to Nusjuro, so that he could block an attack intended for the Straw Hat crew. The two adversaries then exchanged a few blows, engaging in a parallel haki battle. And Zoro had in passing discovered that Nusjuro’s sword was also a Kitetsu.

We were then entitled to expect a thrilling sequel in chapter 1118. But the latter will focus more on Luffy and Bonney, who will both transform into Nika. As for the rest of the crew, whether with the giants or on the Thousand Sunny, they will set sail with the aim of leaving Egghead. However, Zoro and Jinbei had not yet boarded the ship at the end of the previous chapter.

Fortunately, the publication of the manga will not take another break until the sequel: with a little luck, fans will find their favorite swordsman in chapter 1119 of One Piece…unless Eiichiro Oda forgot it on Egghead Island.

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