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One Piece Chapter 1118: Release Date and Potential Spoilers



Vegapunk’s message will leave room for action: release date and time, potential spoilers, we tell you everything we know about chapter 1118 of One Piece.

The revelations followed one another in the manga One Piece, as Vegapunk’s message was broadcast around the world to expose government secrets. Readers thus discovered that the islands on which the characters live are in fact only fragments of ancient submerged continents, and that these latter lands could well disappear in their turn under the waters. The scholar also revealed more information about Joy Boy and his story, before discussing people with the famous letter “D” in their name… only to be cut off.

Because the Deans finally found the snail in the steel giant, and attacked the immense robot, putting an end to the transmission of Vegapunk’s recording. From then on, the terrible members of the Gorosei and the Navy will be able to focus on Luffy and his crew, who are trying to flee Egghead Island to reach Erbaf. Release date and time, potential spoilers, we tell you everything you need to know about chapter 1118 of One Piece.

Chapter 1118 Release Date and Time One Piece

Chapter 1118 of One Piece will be released on June 23, 2024 at 5 p.m. on Manga Plus. It will then be available free of charge for at least four weeks.

Potential Spoilers for Chapter 1118 One Piece

Chapter 1118 of One Piece should focus on the fights of Zoro and Nusjuro as well as the rest of the Elders against the steel giant, while showing the continuation of the escape of the Straw Hats crew.

the steel giant in chapter 1117 of one piece

Indeed, chapter 1117 offered fans the start of a highly anticipated fight: that of Zoro against Dean Nusjuro. Launched by Jinbe to defend Luffy’s boat, the swordsman manages to counter the Gorosei member with a two-bladed strike before realizing that his opponent also has a Kitetsu, these legendary and above all cursed swords. . Chapter 1118 should therefore show more of their confrontation, which promises to spark.

Detaining the Dean, or even injuring him, would allow the rest of the crew to set sail and flee Egghead Island to reach the land of the giants. The latter should also be in the spotlight in chapter 1118, since the vice-admirals launched hostilities against their ship.

Finally, the rest of the Elders intend to destroy the steel giant, but the latter has not yet fought back. The relic is, however, presented as an enemy of the World Government and an ally of Joy Boy: it is a safe bet that it decides to return the blows of the Gorosei, which would make it possible to hold them back while the pirates leave the island.

Spoilers are usually available a few days before the official release of the chapters of One Piece : we will therefore update this space as soon as new information has been shared on chapter 1118.

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