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One Piece Chapter 1118 Will Evolve Bonney, But Fans Are Divided



Chapter 1118 of One Piece shows Bonney’s transformation as her power evolves, but fans aren’t sure what to make of this change.

While One Piece As we approach the climax of the Egghead arc, things are getting tougher for our heroes. The Deans have finished searching for the origin of Vegapunk’s message and will be able to deal with the pirates, the giants who accompany them, but also Bonney.

Already very upset by the revelations about the World Government, the members of Gorosei no longer intend to let themselves be led by their enemies. The Straw Hats will therefore have to face not one great enemy, but five. How do you deal with people as powerful as the Elders? According to spoilers for the next chapter, the answer lies among Luffy’s allies.

Warning: the rest of this article contains spoilers from chapter 1118 of One Piece.

While Vegapunk is dead, the steel giant has suffered the ire of the Elders and the message has been temporarily interrupted, nothing prevents the antagonists from carrying out their other objectives: the annihilation of the crew of Luffy and the assassination of Bonney.

bonney in the anime one piece

But the latter will evolve in chapter 1118, obtaining its own complete transformation into Nika form, under the encouragement of Luffy who himself activated his Gear 5.

This is a huge power for Bonney, with Nika representing the most powerful mythical figure in the history of One Piece so far. And even if the pirate doesn’t quite match Luffy, the fact of being able to take on this appearance and take on its powers remains incredible. To the point of instantly placing her among the most powerful characters in the manga.

And it is precisely on this point that the fans seem mixed. On social networks, if some are delighted at the idea of ​​seeing a “Joy Girl” appear, the trend still seems to be one of perplexity, with Internet users wondering about the need to go this far. The character could already copy certain moves from Luffy’s Gear 5, but the idea that she could present herself as the equal of the Emperor who took so many years to reach this level bothers many readers.

An opinion that we find in several reactions on X/Twitter, such as this post from an annoyed fan: “Luffy goes through 1050 chapters of evolution, literally dying to awaken his fruit. Bonney: “I’m going to copy all that and become Nika too. »

The disappointment is shared by others, like this Internet user who also complains about the twist: “We are forced to like Bonney who gets the Gear 5.” A third also noted that the Gear 5 “was supposed to be reserved for Luffy. He’s the chosen one, isn’t that the point of this story!!!

It’s a little weird that someone else can use Nika’s power. What’s the point of promoting a protagonist’s unique power if it’s to pass it on to someone else?” another fan got angry on X.

However, it should be noted that all spoilers for Chapter 1118 of One Piece – which will only have a small number of pages – have not yet been released, which leaves the field open for misunderstandings. To find the entire next part, you will have to wait for its official publication on June 23, 2024.

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