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One Piece Chapter 1120 Will Reveal An Unexpected Connection Between Luffy And This Character

The manga One Piece took a break last week, and Chapter 1120 will reveal that one character has a surprising connection to Luffy.

The manga One Piece continues to present Vegapunk’s message, as the scientist reveals several shocking secrets about the history of Eiichiro Oda’s imagined world. The fight against the Gorosei members continues, while the rest of the world tries to understand Vegapunk’s intentions.

Chapter 1120 of One Piece arrives after a week-long hiatus, and as expected, fans are learning more about the next chapter thanks to recent spoilers. WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Chapter 1120 of One Piece !

“Clover is also a D!!”

According to the spoilers, chapter 1120 of One Piece will include a brief flashback in which Professor Clover reveals that he also has the secret name “D.”. As a reminder, Clover was an archaeologist, known in particular for having been the director of the Ohara library and for having led the research on the Forgotten Century.

Clover died at the hands of the Elders before they destroyed the entire island in the first Buster Call, in order to punish the archaeologists investigating the Forgotten Century and thus bury the secrets of the past. However, recent events confirm that he also had a connection to Luffy. Since all members of the “D.” clan share some connection, Professor Clover is also among those whose fate is apparently linked to Luffy’s.

Following this revelation, a fan then declared on X/Twitter: “It really makes sense that Clover is a D. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. He literally led the research against the World Government and threatened to reveal one of their biggest secrets. He was also a pirate before he did research in Ohara.”

“Clover was a D? That explains why he had the courage to research the Forgotten Century and the Poneglyphs. Plus, he might be the only member of the D clan we know for sure didn’t die smiling. It’s a shame we never saw his face, so we can’t be 100% sure, but I doubt he was smiling,” shared another internet user.

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