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One Piece Episode 1096: Release Date and Spoilers



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Episode 1096 of One Piece will return to an important part of Nico Robin's past. Release date and time, spoilers: here's everything you need to know.

The anime One Piece is currently making shocking revelations in each of its episodes. The precedent revealed a surprising truth about Egghead Island, which was supposed to be 500 years ahead in terms of modernity but was in fact reusing technologies that were a millennium old.

The glimpse of the many Vegapunks will also not have failed to surprise spectators and members of Luffy's crew. And the gigantic iron robot shown in 1095 has created real hype on social networks.

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The next episode will shed more light on the machine, but will also be an opportunity to lift the veil on part of Nico Robin's past. Release date and time, spoilers, we tell you everything you need to know about episode 1096 of One Piece.

Episode 1096 Release Date and Time One Piece

Episode 1096 of One Piece will come out March 3 on Crunchyroll and ADN (and March 10 on Netflix). Titled “Censored History. The thesis of a forgotten kingdom!“, it will be available from 9 a.m..

Spoilers for episode 1096 of One Piece

In episode 1096 of One Piece, Robin understands that the ancient period that Shaka speaks of in front of the robot is, in fact, the mysterious Forgotten Century. When she asks for confirmation, Shaka returns the question by asking her what she knows about it.

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Usopp expresses his concern for Robin, saying that it might be difficult for her to talk about this after what happened in Ohara 22 years ago. However, Shaka says that it is because of Ohara's research that they know so much about this kingdom's technology. He also reveals that the World Government erased everything related to the old kingdom so that their ideals could not be passed down.

Anyone who knows anything about the kingdom will be eliminated. Sanji and the others are furious after discovering that this information would give the World Government another reason to hunt them down. However, when Robin asks how Shaka knows so much about Ohara, he replies that Ohara's will still lives.

Several months after the tragic Ohara incident, Vegapunk visited the island to pay tribute to his friend, Professor Clover. There he discovered that the center of the lake was filled with research and that the people of Ohara had given their lives to protect their heritage.

Ignorant soldiers may not know the value of these documents, but the knowledge they sought to destroy still remains. In the end, Ohara won. Robin remembers his past and sheds tears after a brief flashback. The Straw Hats are angry with Shaka again, this time for making Robin cry.

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Additionally, Shaka also reveals that giants were fishing for these research papers. The episode is also expected to feature Monkey D. Dragon, furious over Ohara's tragedy and the loss of his friend, Professor Clover. He vows to create an army that will fight the World Government. Thus, Shaka briefly explains how Dragon created the Revolutionary Army and gathered its members.

Shaka then talks about Jaguar D. Saul, who remains in hiding. Robin thanks him for letting him know that Ohara's sacrifice was not in vain. And while episode 1096 of One Piece is about to end, the real Vegapunk enters.

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