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One Piece Episode 1109: Release Date, Preview and Spoilers



The anime One Piece picks up the story on Egghead Island after a detour in a special episode on the Emperors: release date and time, preview and spoilers, we tell you everything we know about episode 1109.

The Egghead arc is undoubtedly among the most exciting in the history invented by Eiichiro Oda, and the anime has so far managed to do it justice. Allowing characters to enter the final saga of One Pieceit offers many revelations about the world of pirates and adds many thrilling fights.

But the anime tends to catch up with the manga, and we had to deal with a special episode last week to slow down the pace. Spectators were thus able to discover a summary of the current Emperors of One Piecewhich will be very useful in preparing for an upcoming confrontation with Shanks.

Release date and time, first preview, spoilers: we tell you everything you need to know about episode 1109 of One Piece.

Episode 1109 release date and time One Piece

Episode 1109 of One Piece will be released on June 23 at 9 a.m. on Crunchyroll and ADN. It will then be available June 30 on Netflix.

First Look and Spoilers for Episode 1109 of One Piece

Episode 1109 of One Piece will be titled “Difficult decision. A strange outfit!” and will reveal just how far the Straw Hats are willing to go to defend themselves against the disobedient Seraphim.

The video preview, which you can find below, presents the next episode with this summary: “The violence of the Seraphim forces the crew to defend themselves. Up against the wall against these devious enemies, Luffy makes a surprising decision. The crew and the CP0 will overcome their differences and fight despite the taboos.

Luffy will indeed free the members of CP0 to better defend themselves against the Seraphim. The other members of the crew will also have to cope, but will have difficulty standing up to Vegapunk’s creations. Shaka, for his part, will have an idea of ​​where the Egghead scientist is, and will therefore abandon the fighting to carry out his own research.

The episode will also reveal new scenes from Shanks: the Emperor, who is in Erbaf, will prepare to fight Eustass Kid following new threats. Episode 1109 will thus prepare the ground for an emblematic confrontation of One Piecewhich we explain in more detail here.

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