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One Piece Finally Reveals What Zoro and Sanji Think About Each Other



From their first meeting, Zoro and Sanji quarreled like dogs and cats, but we now know what they really think of each other in One Piece.

Unlike most shonen, One Piece does not plunge its hero into an intense rivalry with another character. Because the pattern of great rivals has always been attributed to the rest of Luffy’s crew, and particularly between two protagonists very popular with fans: Zoro and Sanji.

The bickering between the two angry people very early on marked the story created by Eiichiro Oda, especially since they are the two most powerful pirates among the Straw Hats. Chaining running gags and flowery insults – “head of algae” and others “twisted eyebrows” recurring frequently – the two never miss an opportunity to press where it hurts in the other.

However, beneath this burlesque rivalry lies a spirit of frank camaraderie and mutual respect. Although rarely shown, this implied friendship sometimes emerges during more subtle scenes. And if that wasn’t enough to convince fans that the two crew members are capable of getting along, the magazine One Piece has just proclaimed loud and clear that the characters are indeed capable of appreciating each other.

Indeed, number 18 of One Piece Magazine was released on June 4, 2024 and focused on “wings” of the future king of pirates, Zoro and Sanji. And the pages provided a good amount of detail about the relationship between the two pirates – in addition to the new Zoro novel, also available in this issue.

The magazine insists that the characters’ feelings for each other are shown above all through their actions. We thus learn that although Zoro likes to make fun of Sanji, he never hesitates to eat the cook’s dishes with gusto, showing in the process his confidence in his comrade.

He also recognizes the strength of the cook and knows he is capable of anything to protect the rest of the crew. A feeling of confidence that could be found, for example, when the swordsman refused to believe that Nami and the rest of the pirates had been killed on Zou, aware that Sanji was with them to prevent such a tragedy.

On Sanji’s side, it is first and foremost for Zoro’s dream that we find a certain respect on the part of the cook. At Thriller Bark, he was willing to sacrifice himself to protect the Swordsman’s objective and the rest of Luffy’s crew. He is also one of the few people who knows the truth about Zoro’s sacrifice that day.

He thus recognizes his strength and his commitment, while knowing that Zoro fights for his teammates at the risk of his own life, as we see in Arlong Park. Due to his great confidence in the swordsman and his skills, Sanji entrusts his “precious ladies” to his rival.

Although the rivalry between Zoro and Sanji has always been used for comedy rather than hatred and jealousy, this clarification of their true feelings is especially appreciated. It proves how close-knit the Straw Hats are and how deep their loyalty to each other runs.

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