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One Piece gives a possible clue about Kizaru’s future



The cover of the next volume of the manga One Piece presents a subtle clue that could well tease Kizaru’s future in the Egghead Arc.

One Piece is known for its ingenious foreshadowing, as was the case with the Mother Flame for example, fans having recently discovered that it had been teased almost 20 years ago. Readers have been amazed many times throughout the manga’s 27 years of publication. The manga’s creator, Eiichiro Oda, is famous for hiding his characters’ fates in small (sometimes imperceptible) details.

And one of these clues could well be found on the cover of volume 109 of One Piece. Scheduled for July 4, it will be called “On Your Side”. This volume contains 10 chapters, from chapter 1101 to chapter 1110. It begins in the middle of Kuma’s flashback and ends with the Gorosei members gathering on Egghead Island.

At the heart of this volume is the touching relationship between Kuma and his adopted daughter Bonney, and the volume’s cover reflects just that. It’s a beautiful illustration that has won over many fans, showing little Bonney hugging her father with Egghead Island and Luffy in Gear 5 in the background.

There are also other characters on the cover. Dr. Vegapunk and Sentomaru dance happily as Sun God Nika while Stussy stands by. And there’s also Borsalino (better known as Kizaru), dancing with those he tried to kill in the Egghead Arc.

And the thing is, Kizaru’s presence on the cover is confusing to say the least, because the other characters are all allies of Luffy. He also seems very happy, similar to Kizaru’s appearance in the past when he first met Vegapunk and Sentomaru. This could then be a hint that the Navy Admiral might switch sides before the end of the arc.

Kizaru’s betrayal of the World Government is a possibility that fans have been considering for a while now. His story with the scientist was touching, and it is possible that his loyalty to his old friend manifested itself at the last moment.

But there is another possibility, just as plausible. On the cover of the next volume of One Piece, Sentomaru heads to one side, but Vegapunk and Kizaru face the other. It is noted that Vegapunk is dead while Sentomaru is still alive.

So the fact that Kizaru is facing the same direction could mean that he could also die by the end of this arc. This is a very subtle hint, but something like this is expected from Oda, given his history in this area.

Some fans have similar theories, as one pointed out on X/Twitter: “Once again, Kizaru is dancing in the same direction as Vegapunk. This implies Kizaru’s death.”

Another commented on Reddit: “Why is Kizaru doing Nika’s dance??? Does Oda confirm that Kizaru will switch sides?” A third added: “Kizaru does Nika’s dance… It’s HUGE! We could see Kizaru switch sides or simply ‘let the Straw Hats go’ or some other act of betrayal.”

Whether Kizaru ultimately betrays the Elders to allow the Straw Hat Pirates to escape remains to be seen. But the cover of volume 109 of One Piece certainly sparks speculation and makes us think about all sorts of theories about the fate of the famous Yellow Monkey.

Before the release of the new volume of the manga, fans will be able to discover chapter 1118 of One Piece. On the anime side now, here is the release date and spoilers for episode 1109.

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