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One Piece manga enters long hiatus from publication



While he is in the middle of the climax of his Egghead arc, the manga One Piece will experience an unexpected publication break of several weeks.

One Piece comes to the end of his Egghead arc, and the scenes have reached new heights. Readers were able to see the true awakened forms of the Five Elders as the entire Gorosei reunited, Zoro used a brand new attack, and the giants came for Luffy to take him to the Erbaf arc, while Vegapunk prepares to reveal “the truth about the world.”

And as chapter 1111 looms on the horizon to complete incredible events and drawings of 1110, some bad news has just fallen for fans: One Piece is preparing to enter an unexpected break, much longer than the previous ones. We will explain everything to you.

The manga One Piece goes on hiatus for several weeks

After chapter 1111, the release of One Piece will take a first three-week break, then a second one-week break directly after chapter 1112.

Indeed, chapter 1111 of One Piece will be released on March 24, 2024, while 1112 is expected on April 22. Weekly Shonen Jump will continue its publications independently of Eiichiro Oda's manga, at least until chapter 1112: after which, it will be the magazine's turn to suffer an interruption in its publications on the occasion of Golden Week, explaining then the manga's second break.

This is the longest downtime in releasing chapters of One Piece since June and July 2023, when Eiichiro Oda stopped working for four weeks after eye surgery. At the time, One Piece had just gotten out of Wano and entered the final saga. The reason behind this new break has not yet been announced, but the author certainly needs time to handle other important points on his schedule.

Because the latter has always been on all fronts for his flagship work: production of season 2 of the adaptation at Netflix has started, and he is once again responsible for supervising the live-action series. In addition, alongside this additional work was added the sad news of the death of Akira Toriyama, author of Super Ballfor whom Eiichiro Oda published a poignant tribute revealing deep sadness.

However, the break has not yet started: fans will therefore still be able to discover chapter 1111 of One Piece on March 24, 2024, as planned.

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