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One Piece teases a completely crazy new attack in the anime



One Piece is about to show us an incredible technique used for the first time in the anime, and the preview of an upcoming episode has given fans chills.

One Piece Although it has begun its final saga, the story is not about to end. With more than 1000 episodes under the clock, Monkey D Luffy's quest seems endless, with ever more twists and turns that are sure to surprise viewers.

Readers of the manga already know that one of the next scenes will concern a particularly popular character, who appeared at the start of the adventure of the future king of pirates. This Navy hero will soon have his new hour of glory in the anime, and the previews revealed by an animator of One Piece make your mouth water.

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Warning: the rest of this article contains slight spoilers from One Piece

The Galaxy Impact presented by a renowned host in One Piece

On X/TwitterIshizuka, a key animator of One Piece, shared a preview of an upcoming episode. The image clearly shows Garp in action. Very quickly, fans made the connection with an emblematic attack of the character, the Galaxy Impact.

And the publication is good news for viewers. Because Ishizuka's work speaks for itself: we can thus count, among the major sequences of One Piecethe Kong Gatling and the recent duel between Zoro and King.

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The Galaxy Impact will not require much staging for its launch. In itself, it is “just” an overpowered punch. But when he hits his target and hits the ground, things immediately get complicated. The attack even tends to end the fight because it is so powerful.

The scene takes place in chapter 1080 of One Pieceand should therefore not appear immediately in the anime, which is currently only adapting chapter 1066.

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