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One Punch Man manga will take a long break again



The manga One Punch Man is going on an extended hiatus again, but fans aren’t surprised.

The manga illustrator One Punch ManYusuke Murata, recently shared an announcement on X/Twitter revealing that the work will be taking a two-month break. The release of the next chapter would then be scheduled for August 22, 2024.

While this news certainly isn’t great news for fans, most aren’t surprised by it. The manga is already known for its frequent breaks. On top of that, the series has been releasing redrawn chapters since February, without offering any new developments for the story.

Chapter 202 is the last of the redrawn chapters, which means we should get new material starting with Chapter 203 soon. However, given the long break, we will have to wait a little longer until it returns at the end of August.

Despite this, many fans support the mangaka’s decision to take a break. The manga One Punch Man offers very beautiful and detailed drawings, thus showing all the efforts made by Murata in his work. Furthermore, it is completely natural that he needs breaks to take care of his health, especially when we know the pace imposed on mangakas in general.

“We will wait… I hope Murata sensei is well”wrote one user on X/Twitter, joined by another who declared, “Looks good lately, well deserved rest.” A third mentioned the creator of Jujutsu KaisenGege Akutami, and commented, “Gege and now Murata… we are living in dark times… I hope he is well too.”

A fourth agreed on Reddit, “I’d rather they enjoy working on it than treating it like a task to be done. I hope the break will reinvigorate them.”

However, some seem to be less accommodating, pointing out the slow pace of the series due to the redrawn chapters. One of these Internet users commented on X/Twitter, “Going on break? It’s been on hiatus since February,” and another added, “Completely redrawn chapters…And now a break?”

Many readers are looking forward to the webcomic now that the manga is on hiatus. Some are also hoping to get new information about season 3 of One Punch Man. But so far nothing new has been revealed.

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