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Overwatch 2 announces collaboration with Cowboy Bebop



Overwatch 2 will have another great collab this March. And with one of the most famous anime of all time, Cowboy Bebop. Featured skins, emotes, intros, and more for some of the game's most popular names — all inspired by Cowboy Bebop. The anime's soundtrack will also be in Overwatch 2 as part of the announced event.

Among the iconic characters that will be available with Legendary Skins are Cassidy Spike Spiegel, Ashe Faye Valentine, Mauga Jet Black, Sombra Ed and Wreckingball Ein, the latter of which can be unlocked for free.

Check out the partnership announcement trailer:

The skins will be revealed one day before the event begins, on March 11th.

Overwatch 2 continues to grow with collabs

The collaboration of Cowboy Bebop is the next step in the game's growth beyond the Overwatch universe, which has already included music and fashion collaborations; and the franchise's second collaboration with a popular anime series. Fans who want to relive the action can watch Cowboy Bebop now on Crunchyroll Brazil.

“We are honored to collaborate with Cowboy Bebop, one of the most respected anime of all time. This collaboration is an incredible way to pay homage to the legendary story, art, animation and music of the series. Cowboy Bebop. We hope fans and our players enjoy what we bring to Overwatch 2 as much as we enjoyed the development process,” said Aimee Dennett, associate director of Overwatch 2.

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