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Ovrdark, new horror game, arrives on PS VR2 in March



Developer NoxNoctis Studio announced that Ovrdark, a new horror game, will be released on March 7th for PS VR2 and PC VR. The title is the next chapter in the Do Not Open series and will take players on a tense experience against a stalker.

The game is set in a cursed mansion in Burkittsville, where investigator George Foster searches for the whereabouts of his friend, Mike Goreng. Upon arriving at the location, he discovers that his former companion is no longer the same and has become a sadistic killer.

Now, Foster must fight for his life, while uncovering what happened to Goreng's corrupted soul. Thus, he embarks on a journey of horror where the worst nightmares become material.

Finally the wait is over! Get ready for the chase of your life with the launch of Ovrdark on March 7th! Mike Goreng is ready to hunt… Are you ready to face him?

NoxNoctis has confirmed that the PC VR version will be released simultaneously with the European and Australian PS VR2 licenses, while the North American edition only arrives on March 16th in a “very special” debut. A free DEMO is available on Steam.

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Read the game's description below, according to its official page on the PS Store:

Immerse yourself in the chilling, exclusive virtual reality sequel to Do Not Open. Get ready to experience an even more terrifying journey, where terror and tension reach new heights as you explore the cursed mansion of Burkittsville in total immersion.

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