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Pal is coming! Devs want Palworld on “other platforms”



Whether it has to do with Shuhei Yoshida moving towards this or not remains to be seen, but it seems like it's only a matter of time before Palworld arrives on PlayStation 5.

In an interview with Bloomberg, the creator of the early 2024 gaming craze, Takuro Mizobe, spoke about his expectations for the future. According to him, currently, the studio is quite happy with being independent and having a small team.


“We are and will remain a small studio. I want to create several small games. Big-budget, triple-A games are not for us,” she said.

However, he admits that he is working to bring his great success to more platforms. After all, the game is currently only available on Steam and Xbox Game Pass, and there is a huge expectation of seeing Palworld on PS5, for example.


Another interesting point is that Pocketpair would be open to offers for partnerships or acquisitions – something that has been quite common in the games industry in recent years. Obviously, the initial thought here would be Microsoft, but according to the executive, there are no ongoing conversations with the Xbox manufacturer.

Palworld experienced a whirlwind with records, plagiarism and memes

You Pals tamers were the talk of the beginning of the year. Palworld is not expected to arrive on PlayStation for now, but it became an important topic to be analyzed this weekend when it recorded historic numbers on Steam: one million simultaneous players and more than 3 million downloads in just 40 hours.


And, of course, it filled the Brazilian internet with memes. But there are important details about Palworld that go beyond the fun of the game and fifth-grade games in the country – including, a thread by Internet user TeeHallums on X shows how the title can be problematic in two important aspects. Read more here.

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