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Palworld Breeding Guide: the best combinations of Pals fusions, Legendary fusions, etc.



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Palworld Breeding Guide the best combinations of Pals fusions Legendary

Palworld offers a whopping 111 unique Pals to collect, but not all of them can be caught in the wild. Some can only exist through reproduction, giving rise to the most impressive Pals in the game today.

In Palworld, Fused Pals are player-created combinations between two Pals through Breeding. These unique creatures offer a bunch of benefits. Indeed, they allow players to combine particular skills into a single Pal, often with a change of type.

For reproduction in Palworld, you need a male Pal and a female Pal. The Pal born from this union inherits the race of one of its parents, and a random combination of skills and traits from each. Appearance-wise, the new Pal is a mix of both parents.

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Tip: In order to obtain an ideal Pal, it is best to choose lucky Pals, also known as shiny, as parents.

So here is Dexerto's guide to each Pal from reproduction in Palworld and how to create them in the game.

Complete list of Pals mergers with Reproduction in Palworld

Here are the fusions currently possible in Palworld in order to obtain variants of the original Pals.

In order to achieve any of the above fusions, the Ranch must be unlocked at Level 19. For just two Tech points, this is a vital investment at this stage, as the ability to craft new Pals with traits specific is essential to progress in the world.

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Currently, there is only one Legendary Fusion combination that actually transforms the original into an entirely different new Pal. Combining Frostallion and Helzephyr should result in Frostallion Noct, the guardian deity of the Palpagos Islands and a true Dark-type colossus. He might just be the most powerful Pal in the game, even among other Legendaries.

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There's a lot to be gained from breeding any Pals on this list, but adding a Dark-type to a Fire-type seems particularly powerful at this point. Incineram Noct, Leezpunk Ignis and Pyrin Noct are examples of spectacular Pals.

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Also, Eikthyrdeer Terra is very powerful against Electric-type Pals, and it adds even more dynamism to one of the strongest Pals early in the game cycle. Relaxaurus Lux is a great choice, with the Missile Turret skill which combines brilliantly with the addition of the Electric type.

Hangyu Cryst is one of the most memorable and bizarre designs in the game. The Winter Trapeze skill allows players to slide using their Pal, and it is an excellent and frenetic fighter. Although weak against Fire-types, Hangyu can hold its own in most other scenarios.

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So here is Dexerto's complete list of Pals fusions in Palworld and recommendations on which to prioritize after you unlock the Ranch for your base. With more Pals coming, there will likely be additional fusion combinations not to be missed. We will of course add them to this guide.

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