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Palworld creators plan to enrich the game's building system



The developers at Pocketpair have confirmed on the game's official Discord server that they are planning a “fairly significant expansion of the building system.”

The excitement surrounding Palworld may have started to fade, but developers Pocketpair have confirmed that they still have big plans for the game.

When answering a question about the game's build system on their Discord, Palworld's community manager confirmed that the team is planning a “fairly significant expansion of the building system”. However, he advised players not to expect this to be included in the game's next update.

Fans were excited to hear that the developers were planning to add more content to the game's building system. This is something many players in the community have requested in the past.

“It doesn't matter how long it takes, as long as it's done eventually.” » Was an eager response to the news on Reddit. “Hoping for sleeker walls and floors and real windows instead of holes in the walls.” » said another.

However, some players encouraged the developers to focus on optimization first, including issues with the Xbox version of the game.

Previous Palworld updates have attempted to address some of the issues faced by Xbox players, including save data file size issues and crashes in multiplayer matches. But some fans say they still experience frequent crashes and other gameplay issues.

There is no official announcement yet on when the next update for Palworld will arrive, but it is expected to include the Bellanoir boss raid and the game's base management update.

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