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Palworld devs apologize for fixing Tower Boss bug with update 1.5.0



Pocketpair has apologized to players after Palworld update 1.5.0 fixed the Tower Boss bug, which many were enjoying.

Palworld has its share of exploits. The most popular of these involved a glitch allowing players to capture Tower Bosses such as Zoe and Grizzbolt.

The glitch worked in such a way that players could attack bosses with Militia, wait a bit, then throw a Sphere of Pal for a relatively easy capture. Once acquired, Bosses became good battle companions.

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Pocketpair's deployment of patch 1.5.0 has changed the status quo, causing players to no longer be able to use this exploit to capture these boss-level Pals.

Palworld developer apologizes for fixing Tower Boss glitch

Players usually applaud when development teams release updates that address well-known gameplay bugs. This, however, was not the case with Palworld patch 1.5.0, which eliminated the previously mentioned boss capture error.

The fix immediately caused quite a bit of discontent among fans, forcing developer Pocketpair to issue an apology. In a short post on Twitter/X, a representative of Pocketpair said the team accidentally removed the bug. “ We apologize for unintentionally fixing a bug “, we read in the message.

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This wording suggests that the developers did not mind Palworld players exploiting the game to capture Tower Bosses. However, the comment is probably sarcastic, which means the glitch is definitely gone.

There is good news, however: players who have already captured Bosses can keep them forever.

In addition to addressing the boss capture bug, 1.5.0 also introduced several balance adjustments, improved anti-cheat measures, implemented game data saves, and more.

Palworld entered Early Access in January for PC and Xbox platforms, delivering a monster-catching survival game like no other. Its success continues to cause a stir in the industry, so it's difficult to predict how far it can go before the game's official release.

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