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Palworld Player Shows Off His Strategy For Taking Down High-Level Bosses



A Palworld player recently came up with an ingenious solution to beat tough Alpha boss fights.

Palworld quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the most popular games of all time.

Palworld's millions of players immediately fell in love with the incredibly fun combination of survival, crafting, and creature collecting mechanics since its launch in Early Access. Some of the most astute have pushed these mechanics to their limits with incredibly complex bases.

But recently, a new way to use some of Palworld's mechanics to your advantage has been discovered.

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Reddit user “Jemsona” shared a genius tip for wiping out bosses that involves a quick base setup and an army of Pals.

Jemsona's strategy is actually surprisingly simple, and you might just be kicking yourself for not thinking of it yourself.

In a shared video, this player literally crushes the level 45 boss, Jormuntide, in seconds, but it also works on any Pal Alpha in Palworld.

The key to successfully doing this is to set up two Palboxes near the area where an Alpha Pal is walking around in the open world. This creates two temporary bases in the area where you can summon up to 40 Pals in total.

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From there, simply assault the Pal Alpha and your own task force will behave as if it were attacking your base. Including the Pal you have at the head of your team, all 41 Pals will then bombard the boss with attacks.

Ordinarily, Alpha Pals are difficult to beat due to their high HP and heavily boosted stats.

However, Palworld was not balanced for a 41:1 fight and Jemsona's tower defense strategy was brilliant.

Pocketpair may well quietly fix this technique in the coming days, but at the moment there are no hard and fast rules against using a small army of Pals to crush the game's bosses.

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