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Palworld players rate this gear as completely “useless”



Palworld's player base is confused about a piece of gear that appears to offer no value or advantage over others.

Palworld is full of items and equipment that players can craft to make their base operations more efficient and complete more objectives.

As they progress through the levels, fans can expect to unlock bigger and better gear that will continue to improve things.

However, the Palworld community is perplexed as to the usefulness of high-end equipment after finding that it doesn't really help.

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Palworld fans don't see the point of equipment

Discussion about this gear is taking place on the Palworld subreddit, in a post simply titled: “Confirmed”.

The post is accompanied by an image of the game's Heater, with the word “Useless” printed on it, clearly condemning the item.

The community, in response, sees this as the truth, with one user saying: “An electric heater should be able to make the coldest places on the map extremely hot, and its heating capacity should be adjustable so that a single electric heater/cooler is enough to reach all possible temperatures.”

A common criticism of the Heater is that it requires a Fire Starter type Pal to maintain its temperature, despite being an electrical device.

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“Why does electric heating still need a Pal Fire Starter? Let it make sense.”

What really bothers Palworld fans, however, is that you unlock Heating quite far into the Tech Tree, despite the fact that the Campfire is given to you early on and is, arguably, a better source heat.

“It's stupid because the campfire can stack and doesn't really need to have a Pal. Now we have electrical things but we need a Pal for that?”

It's the same problem with other pieces of equipment like the Refrigerator, which players wish didn't need a Pal to operate since it's powered by electricity.

Overall, it seems like Heating is an item that Palworld fans completely ignore, for the most part, and that won't change until the developers adjust it in some way.

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