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Palworld players want change for Pal Spheres



Palworld players are demanding a major upgrade to Pal Spheres because they are tired of losing them, especially when bugs are the reason.

To catch Pals in Palworld, you must use Pal Spheres. Gathering Pal Spheres should be one of the first things you do in the game. Indeed, you will need them to capture Pals and fill your base.

There are several ways to obtain Pal Spheres, but the most common is to find them scattered around the open world or in treasure chests. You can also craft them once you start building facilities in your base.

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However, not everyone is happy with how Pal's Spheres work in Palworld. Indeed, the game being in early access, certain bugs and problems prevent them from being used correctly.

Palworld players hate losing Pal Spheres

On Reddit, Palworld player u/Rikashey started a discussion regarding his frustrations with the game. In Palworld, when you throw a Pal Sphere and miss, you lose it forever. Players want this to change because they think you should be able to get the sphere back after throwing it.

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The first 10 hours I played Palworld consisted largely of fumbling between the button to throw pals and the button to throw Pal Spheres. All accompanied by frequent swearing “wrote one user. Another replied: “ 160 hours of play and I'm still doing this. It never gets better “.

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My favorite case is when I throw them and they pass through a pal, completely missing it, despite the posted catch rate another user wrote, referring to one of Palworld's known bugs.

Even if it was just 1 out of 5 missed throws that came back, that would be better than every missed sphere that disappears. Or at least give us back some of the ingots and other materials and let us recreate them! »

Fortunately, players aren't constantly looking for Pal Spheres. Once you have a good base established, you should be able to make as many as you need. Especially since you can have workers build them in large quantities for you.

It's just frustrating to lose so many spheres during the early stages of Palworld. It's true that it's easy to confuse the Pal Sphere throw button with the Pal summon button, and it's even more annoying when you miss your throw due to a bug and the sphere is lost for ever.

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