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Palworld players warn of dangerous flashing in the game



One player begged the developers to fix the issues with “ intense flashes » in the game after having an epileptic seizure while playing. Other players joined in and provided support.

Palworld has just teased its future update, bringing Bellanoir, a powerful evil Pal. But that's not all. Indeed, after about two months since the game's launch, core management will finally be improved, making the overall experience much easier.

It's clear that Pocketpair is making efforts to improve the player experience by rolling out patches and offering previews of future game content. However, some players have called for a major issue to be fixed as soon as possible.

This issue concerns flashing lights in the game, which are prevalent in certain areas of the map. One player even shared in a Reddit thread that the lighting effects in this game caused him to have an epileptic seizure.

Palworld players want intense flashing fixed quickly

Player Ghoulscomecrawling described what he experienced. “ So I don't know if it's just my game or if it's a common bug, but I had a seizure because of the random strobe light effect “.

He then elaborated on his problem: “ Normally it doesn't really affect me, but I guess it's the way the colors are and the intensity of them. Let's say, like going into a winter biome and it's blue, white, blue, white, blue, white, white, white, white, white, stuff like that. It's as if the environment doesn't know which light effect to keep “.

In the comments, many players were also concerned about these intense flashes. “ I'm sorry to hear that this game is affecting your health. I don't think PocketPair intended to cause this effect and I'm sure voices like yours will be heard eventually. PocketPair has shown that they care about the community. » replied one person.

Cattiva in Palworld

Cattiva in Palworld

I've already pointed out how this game has intense flashing with things like Digtoise and I've never seen a warning for epilepsy “, pointed out another Palworld player.

On the other hand, one user wrote: “ Damn, I'm sorry this happened. I noticed a lot of flashing lights when trying to enter abandoned caves/mines to find shady Pal bosses/vendors. since it's in beta it's likely to happen, but I'm sure it will be fixed… »

Although it is unclear when this issue will be fixed, some players are hopeful that it will be fixed soon. In the meantime, anyone at risk of experiencing a seizure should approach Palworld with caution.

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