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Palworld, the fever of early 2024, would be closer to PS5



After being released only for Xbox and PC, Palworld made a huge noise at the beginning of the year and broke many sales records. Apparently, Pocket Pair doesn’t want to stop there. The account “Bucky_CM”, owned by one of the game’s community managers, suggested that a PlayStation port was on the way.

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Formerly known as “The Snitch”, the “ Elesnicho ” account, which now only creates content and does not bring industry leaks as often, shared this post on social media, rekindling that talk about “taking the game to other platforms” left by the studio. Check out:

Elasniche: It looks like Palworld will be coming to PlayStation 5 soon. Does this cheer you up?

Bucky: I want to add more hearts, but I’m not sure which ones would fit… hmm.. how about… Palworld 💙🤍💚🖤 Looks good, I think!

Sony also wants Palworld on its platform!

It is worth mentioning that the interest in having the game hunting monsters similar to Pokémon and with firearms on the PS5 is reciprocal. Shuhei Yoshida, who handles PlayStation’s relations with indie studios, said he is moving to make this happen.

While the game still doesn’t have its port confirmed for the Sony console, how about keeping an eye on what’s coming in 2024? Check out this incredible list of games for PS5!

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