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Palworld's Bellanoir update will greatly simplify core management



Base management in Palworld will become much simpler with the Bellanoir update which will add the very first Raid and an Evil Pal.

You can think of Palworld as the chemical X of the survival genre where the secret ingredients are monster training features from Pokémon and elements from games like Rust.


You capture these monsters and use them to facilitate your basic management work, such as collecting wood, stones, mining, or even cooking. On March 15, Pocketpair announced that Palworld would be getting a powerful new evil Pal named Bellanoir, and the first-ever Raid Battle, preparing players for a tough challenge.

Improve your basic Palworld experience with the Bellanoir update

A developer has now given us a preview of another feature that will come with the update and will make basic management much, much easier.


Pocketpair's community manager posted a screenshot to the official Palworld Discord, showing that base Pals can be controlled individually from the Watch Stand.

A Discord screenshot

As shown in the screenshot, you will be able to individually choose which Pals traits you want to use by allowing or denying them via a green check mark and a red cross.

For example, you could choose to have your base Penking perform all tasks like Watering, Tinkering, Mining, Cooling, and Transport, while assigning a Chikipi to only perform Farming and opting against collection.


This new addition would be a massive improvement to the game, making the Watch Stand much more useful than its current state, where currently you can only choose between Normal, Hard Worker, or Super Hard Worker.

A bunch of community members on Reddit “want this so much” And “just waiting for someone to come along like the kool-aid man to tell me it’s not true.” To reassure them, some players mentioned that this was an official announcement on Discord and said, “It's not false.”

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