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Part 3 of the Final Fantasy VII Remake will leave no loose ends



After the ending of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, many people are wondering how Square Enix will explain all the open questions in a single game. Participating in Indonesia Anime Con (INACON), co-director Motomu Toriyama said that the ending will be even more exciting compared to the original and will leave no loose ends.

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Beware of possible spoilers from this point on!

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth SephirothFinal Fantasy VII Rebirth Sephiroth

After all, what was Cloud’s perception of everything in the ending with Aerith? And the whispers? And the fate of some characters involving these multiple realities with Zack? Calm. Leave it in the hands of Square Enix and “trust”.


In a panel to talk about Final Fantasy VII, he was very direct when commenting on all these mysteries and promised something exciting to end the trilogy.

I want to promise that we will solve all the mysteries that were revealed at the end of Rebirth and deliver an ending that is even more moving than the original.

Will Zack and Aerith still participate more actively in stopping the meteor? And Sephiroth? The villain has discovered a way to exist across universes and seems to know the outcome. Will Cloud be able to avoid it? Let part 3 come soon!


Aerith’s voice actress explains why she didn’t sing in THAT Final Fantasy VII Rebirth scene

Throughout Final Fantasy VII Remake and Rebirth, Aerith spent a lot of time in the spotlight and her voice actress, Briana White, only gave up the microphone to replace the character’s voice once. Look here!

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