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Party set in Jackson in The Last of Us appears online



You know that epic scene at the beginning of the gameplay trailer for The Last of Us Part II, shown at E3 2018, when Ellie is at a party and later meets Dina? The set at that location for the TV adaptation of the game is already being built. An image of the location appeared on social media this Thursday afternoon (29), via The Last of Us News.

The first season of the series was recorded in Alberta, and the second had a good part of its sets in Vancouver, where several actors in the cast have already posted that they were in their last days.

Recordings for the second season of The Last of Us “are incredible”

Pedro Pascal is very excited about recording the second season of the series. According to Joel's actor, the filming “is incredible” and the cast has shown great dedication in adapting the second part of the series, which will only be released on HBO in 2025. Read more by clicking here.

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