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Patch note UPDATE The Finals 2.0.0: Season 2, new 5v5 mode, weapons, maps…



The Finals Update 2.0.0 finally brings Season 2 that players have been waiting for for a while, and this update includes new content, including a 5v5 mode, new abilities, weapons, maps and much more.

The Finals Season 2 was a highly anticipated update among fans, and with patch 2.0.0, this news has finally arrived on all platforms. Among the main new features of patch 2.0.0 of The Finals, there is a new 5v5 mode, new weapons, a new map, new gadgets, specializations as well as bug fixes.

As with every major update, some weapons and gadgets have been weakened while others have been strengthened to balance gameplay. Weapons like the Lewis Submachine Gun and XP-54 have received nerfs while throwing knives and the M60 have received buffs.

This new season also brings three new gadgets and weapons as well as the SYS$HORIZON card and the Debunker specialization.

But without further ado, here is the complete content of this new update.

The Finals season 2 cardEMBARK STUDIOS

Patch note UPDATE The Finals 2.0.0

New capabilities and new equipment

  • New map
    • Added new SYS$HORIZON map in standard rotation
  • new event
    • Added Retro Invasion 82 event to every map
  • New specialization
    • Debunker
      • Allows the user to create temporary holes in the arena construction

New gadgets

  • Portal
    • Launch two portals to create a spatial link between them, allowing you to quickly traverse the arena
  • Data redefiner
    • A “property swap” executable that allows players to turn items and equipment deployed by other players into cans or scenery
  • Reverse Gravity Cube
    • A throwing cube that creates a limited gravity field where anything not pinned to the ground rises into the sky

New weapons

  • FAMAS – Burst rifle – Medium
  • 93R – Burst pistol – Feather
  • KS-23 – Pump shotgun – Heavy

Balancing Changes

  • Launches, explosives and nukes
    • Added a reduction in damage caused by “nukes”, i.e. throwable C4 objects, infiltrating charges or mines.
      • For each source of explosive damage, including the cast and starting with the highest, a damage modifier is applied to each instance in the sequence of 60% / 40% / 30% / 20%
    • Gas canisters now immediately begin to deviate from their direct path when they have props
    • When picking up thrown items with explosive gadgets attached, the aforementioned explosives will become disarmed
    • When the player drops the carried item, a reset timer for the explosives begins
    • Explosions from C4, Infiltrator Charge, and all mines that detonate while unprimed now deal 20% of their original damage
    • Decreased health value of propane gas tanks from 250 to 120
    • Fixed a bug with fuel barrels sometimes not igniting when taking damage, e.g. from explosions or bullets
  • Toxic gas
    • Added a delay to the application of damage. Damage will now begin to be dealt 0.5s after the player enters the gas cloud
    • Added a new feature that causes damage to gradually increase over time, from 30hp/s to 60hp/s over 2s
    • Increased damage tick interval from 0.1s per tick to 0.3s per tick
  • Gadgets
    • C4
      • Decreased ammo count from 2 to 1
      • Decreased cooldown from 45s to 30s
      • Decreased minimum damage at explosion periphery from 93 to 75
    • Defibrillator
      • Added a feature that causes revived players to gradually materialize into the level over a period of 3s before fully re-entering the arena
      • Increased loading time from 0.6s to 0.8s
      • Increased initial health after defibrillator revive from 40% to 50%
    • Dome Shield
      • Decreased maximum duration from 20s to 12s
    • Thruster
      • Increased cooldown from 25s to 30s
    • Movement detector
      • Moved from Feather archetype to Heavy archetype
    • RPG
      • Fixed an issue that caused dispersion to be almost the same regardless of player state
      • Increased projectile dispersion in all non-target states
      • Reduced projectile dispersion when aiming
      • Increased zoom time from 0.2s to 0.4s
      • Increased equip time from 0.45s to 0.5s
      • Increased unequip time from 0.35s to 0.4s
    • Sonar grenade
      • Moved from the Medium archetype to the Feather archetype
  • Specializations
    • Acknowledgement
      • Deleted
        • Developer Note: We concluded that Reconnaissance was detrimental to the game as a whole and decided to remove it for now. This specialization may return in a new form in the future, but only after a major overhaul.
    • Shield Grid
      • Increased the cooldown for a completely depleted shield from 12s to 15s
      • Increased starting health after full exhaustion from 200 to 250
  • Weapons
    • AKM
      • Decreased damage at max range from 35m to 30m
      • Decreased damage at minimum range from 40m to 37.5m
      • Decreased damage decay modifier at max range from 67% to 55%
    • FCAR
      • Decreased damage at max range from 67% to 55%
    • Lewis Submachine Gun
      • Updated the weapon recoil pattern to be slightly less accurate over time when sustained fire
    • M11
      • Increased accuracy by reducing bullet dispersion during random shooting
    • M60
      • Updated the weapon recoil pattern to be slightly more accurate over time when sustaining fire
      • Increased accuracy by reducing the dispersion of moving bullets during random shooting
      • Increased accuracy by reducing the dispersion of moving bullets when aiming fire
      • Slightly decreased accuracy by increasing static bullet dispersion when shooting while aiming
    • R.357
      • Increased damage at max range from 33% to 45%
    • Throwing knife
      • Increased projectile speed from 120m/s to 138m/s
    • XP-54
      • Decreased accuracy by increasing bullet dispersion when random shooting in most movement states

Mastery of equipment

Added new tiers with rewards for the following gear items:

  • Weapons
    • M11
    • SR-84
    • V9S
    • XP-54
    • DAGGER
    • LH1
    • SH1900
    • SWORD
    • 93R
    • AKM
    • R.357
    • CL-40
    • FCAR
    • MODEL 1887
    • FAMAS
    • M60
    • MGL32
    • SA1216
  • Gadgets
    • GAS MINE
    • C4
    • RPG-7
  • Specializations
    • GOO GUN


  • Added option for auto race in gameplay section in settings
  • The preview arc for grenades now shows where they will detonate in their trajectory
  • Improved an issue where controller players would unintentionally drop carried items when trying to interact. Now, carried items will not be dropped by pressing the “Interact and Equip Weapon” button if the weapon is already equipped.


  • General
    • Fixed an issue where the scoreboard did not show the potential score for transfers in progress
    • Fixed an issue with flamethrower kills sometimes being awarded as auto-kill
    • Fixed Dome Shield and Shield Grid not properly blocking projectiles and explosions
    • Fixed broken interactions on the crane
    • Fixed an issue allowing players to steal objectives through floors and walls
    • Fixed an issue where flashbang effects were not displayed for a spectating player
    • Fixed an issue where explosive items attached to another item would drop if the main item was destroyed. The attached explosive item will also take appropriate damage in this situation
    • Fixed an issue where melee hits could damage occluded structures, for example: destroying exterior walls from inside an elevator
    • Fixed an issue on controllers where you would drop your held item if you pressed the main weapon button while the main weapon was equipped
    • Fixed an issue where small props like chairs and tables were sometimes unaffected by explosives
    • Fixed a bug where grid-shield regeneration would fail to start correctly
  • Animation
    • Fixed an issue where melee animations appeared incorrect when affected by status effects
    • Fixed an issue where dagger animations were not playing correctly
    • Added a new frontal inactivity animation for squad members equipped with LH1
    • Fixed a bug causing floating objects to appear when using zip lines
    • Fixed a bug where melee hits occurring at the end of climbing would skip the animation
    • Fixed a bug where the character’s arms would cross when using throwing knives
  • Game Modes
    • Improved spawn selection around active objectives
    • Fixed an issue where players could cause opposing teams to spawn unfavorably by not inserting the Cash Box
    • Fix for the case where two squads appearing at the same time could use the same spawn point
  • Audio
    • Added replicas for reloading
    • Improved footstep audio for players using guns
    • Fixed a bug where objective pings were not playing the correct audio
    • Fixed a bug where game commentary was played in the shooting range
    • Added sounds for a downed teammate and last player standing
  • UI/UX
    • Introduction of Player Cards in THE FINALS, these will be generated from your character customization and your chosen intro animation
    • Added new tutorial videos for gadgets
    • Fixed so your squad is centered in tournament formation intros and outros
    • Improved respawn timer feedback on teammate icons
    • Improved feedback on the “Press Start” respawn mechanic

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