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patch that fixes error with trophy



The Last of Us 2 on PS5, like other ports that allow importing saved data from the PS4, just waits for the save to be read to unlock various trophies for players on the current generation console. However, not all achievements ended up being transferred and this hindered the release of platinum for some.

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Aware of this, Naughty Dog has prepared an update capable of correcting this setback. The No Return mode experience also received attention, so check it out below:

The Last of Us 2 for PS5 - Ellie with a closed and hateful expression in her eyes with a little blood dripping on the left side of her face.

The Last of Us 2 PS5 patch


  • Fixed issue where the player could be unable to perform melee attacks during the game's final encounter
  • (No Return) Fixed an issue where the Trading Post would sometimes only offer 3 purchase options
  • (No Return) Fixed an issue where Clickers could become stuck in the environment on certain maps


  • Fixed an issue with PS4 save data imports where some trophies that were previously earned would not unlock after import
  • Fixed an animation issue that could occur when the player was attacked while entering a workbench
  • Fixed an issue where Abby's bonus skins would cause weapons to appear incorrectly during certain cutscenes in the game
  • Multiple minor UI fixes throughout the game
  • Multiple minor audio fixes throughout the game


  • Various minor localization fixes throughout the game


  • (No Return) Fixed an issue that prevented the Text-to-Speech option from correctly reading placement on the Leaderboard

The Last of Us 2 from PS5 could be ported to PC soon

The Last of Us 2 on PS5 is a remaster of the original game made for the current generation console, however, this version could soon appear on PC. The revelation should take place in April. Find out more here!

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