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Pax Romana has an alleged image leaked on Reddit



Anno 117: Pax Romana did not have official gameplay images shared on Ubisoft Forward, however, the first one seems to have appeared. As noted by fans on Reddit (see here), a screenshot of an early version of appears to have leaked online.

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The capture would have appeared on Anno Union’s official website, as pointed out by “Rooonaldooo99”, an internet user responsible for disseminating the information in advance on the online discussion forum.

The image shows an overview of a large coastal city, with important landmarks and residences. The information leaked in the capture also presents a unique angle of the city, suggesting new features for the strategic experience.


Of course, it is important to maintain a certain caution when taking this as truth. After all, Ubisoft, as we highlighted above, did not release any gameplay of the strategy title. So, emperor, hold back until news is officially shared.

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