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Payday 3 has offline mode and more detailed news



Starbreeze commented in one of its recent reports that Payday 3 has not been achieving a good number of sales and has low engagement from the community. To save the title, the “medical bag operation” is in the works, bringing an offline mode and many changes.

The company admitted that everything was carefully put together to satisfy the needs of the shooter community and thanked fans for their patience. Feedback and other errors identified will be addressed.

But not everything will arrive in the next few days, no. Some of the changes will only be available in the Brazilian winter, so it should still take a while for everything to be in order.

Operation Medical Bag in Payday 3 - payday 3 first aid kitOperation Medical Bag in Payday 3 - payday 3 first aid kit

Changes for Payday 3

Solo and offline modes

It has become clear to the community that there is a desire to have the ability to play PAYDAY 3 reliably and to their own preferences. To meet this demand, two significant changes were implemented in the current configuration.

Firstly, an independent solo mode was developed, accessible without the need to go through the matchmaking flow. This mode is local, running on the player's machine, eliminating the need to connect to a server.

The implementation took place in two phases:

  • Phase One it still requires an online connection to the backend systems for progression, unlocks, etc.
  • Phase Two sought to improve the implementation of solo mode, allowing the game to be played without requiring a constant internet connection. You need to intermittently connect to the backend to upload progression, but otherwise offline play is possible. Additional details about this implementation will be provided later.

Given that cooperative play will always depend on connecting to another machine somewhere, work is underway to implement a solution that balances efficiency, latency, and overall experience. Technical leadership has been evaluating options over the past few months and will provide more details on the solution soon.

Stability, Matchmaking and Servers

In relation to the cooperative game, it was identified that the matchmaking system is not efficiently bringing players together. It plans to implement a series of social and cooperative features throughout the year, as well as rebuild matchmaking functionality into a more robust system.

Until these features are implemented, the current matchmaking system will be supported by quick play functionality, ensuring that players can reliably play with others. Later in the year, it plans to reintroduce a Crime.Net-style server browser.

Progression Challenges

Based on the feedback received, it was found that the current challenge-based progression system did not achieve its intended objectives. In response, it was decided to eliminate the current system.

Challenges have been removed, and infamy progression has been tied to completing strikes. As part of this adjustment, heist payout values ​​have been reevaluated, a scale per bag guaranteed for Infamy Points has been introduced, as well as a new bonus to reward more ostentatious playstyles. The existing challenge structure will be refocused to provide cosmetic rewards for more challenging achievements.

UI changes

It will focus on creating a more intuitive UI that more clearly explains events around the player, including a simplified friends menu and a menu UI that more effectively communicates the heist theme. It is planned to implement improvements and, eventually, a redesign of most elements of the current UI throughout 2024.

New content

Furthermore, the intention is to fulfill and expand the promises of new content. Three DLCs are also planned for 2024, and it is intended to add a new free heist to PAYDAY 3 in the same period.

Throughout the year, skill lines, cosmetic items, rewards, a free LMG primary weapon, and more will also be released.

DLC prices

We have received feedback regarding dissatisfaction with DLC prices. In response, the prices of upcoming DLCs are being revised.

Game store

After satisfaction with the improvements intended for PAYDAY 3, this topic will be revisited in 2025.


Redirected resources intended for the Unreal Engine 5 update to work on improving the PAYDAY 3 experience. As the UE5 update would not directly resolve the current issues, this topic will be revisited as soon as possible.

Initial focus

Many of the issues mentioned require preparation or the implementation of other features. This way, there are several items you can start working on immediately. Therefore, we present a list of goals that we aim to complete by the summer of 2024 (brazilian winter). Extensive details on each of these topics will not be covered, but they are:

  • Quick Play v1
  • Equipment Renaming
  • Recurring Small Content Releases
  • Control Improvements
  • Vote to Expel
  • Rotating Stealth Modifiers
  • Unprepared Button
  • Play Again Feature
  • Integrate Players into a Group After the Match
  • Daily Activities with Rewards
  • Mask Seller with Weekly Rotating Inventory
  • Improvements to the Communication Wheel v1

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