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Pentiment director blames bug for more fps on PS5 than Xbox



Rumors that Pentiment runs at 120fps on PS5, but only reaches 60fps on Xbox Series, have been confirmed. A video published on YouTube, comparing the game running on platforms side by side, proved what some internet users had been saying for a few days and generated a response from Obsidian.

Josh Sawyer, studio design director, used the social network to talk about the subject. According to him, the 120fps playback function will be a feature on the Microsoft console “in the next patch”. According to the executive, “it was disabled because of a bug”.

Obviously, the resource doesn't make a big difference in the game, which is an adventure with illustration graphics and much more focused on the story, but still, the issue generated controversy among players. Mainly, in the Xbox community, because the title was exclusive to the console, the functionality was not released on it.

Check out the comparison below:

Pentiment is the first game in this new wave from Xbox Game Studios to become multiplatform and is now available on the PS Store.

Pentiment has platinum called “Platinum Trophy”

It seems that Microsoft will still need to get used to some things when porting games to the PS4 and PS5. The platinum trophy of the medieval title is simply called “Platinum Trophy”. Read more about this news by clicking here.

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