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Pepsiman, PS1 classic, celebrates 25 years of release



Pepsiman, the blue can hero, celebrates 25 years of frantic racing and the craziest Pepsi deliveries in video game history. Released in 1999 for PlayStation, the game was not a financial success, but it earned its place as a “cult” classic.

Developed by KID, the title featured Pepsiman running through themed obstacles while collecting cans of the famous drink. The basic arcade action was appealing, but the random humor was what really held your attention.

The “story” was simple: the hero delivered Pepsi to those who needed the soda. This was accompanied by funny scenes breaking the fourth wall and interacting a lot with the player. For this reason, many players remember the experience fondly. Remember:

Despite being retired in 2003, Pepsiman had his redemption arc. In 2016, it was included in the Summer Games Done Quick lineup. The charity stream regularly attracts millions of viewers, and the 2016 race became so popular that GDQ brought Pepsiman back several times.

Pepsiman commercials were hilarious

In the 90s, Pepsiman appeared frequently on television and the scenes were full of humor. He responded to calls in a super humorous way and was quite successful in Japan, where his creator, Takuya Onuki, was born. Check out:

It all started with a commercial to try to overcome Coca-Cola's popularity in the country. The strategy was simple: make the hero commercially strong and reap the rewards when he started to win over fans.

Detail: the game only came out after the recordings shown above gained notoriety. That's when KID stepped in and started developing a game to bring the “soda hero” to a new audience.

What did you think of this entire journey?

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