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Persona 3 Reload files name six expansions for the RPG



There are rumors that Persona 3 Reload will receive a wave of DLC in the future, including post-game content from the FES version, The Answer, previously mentioned in other speculations. This gained more traction after references to them were found in a recent datamine.

Within the game files, in addition to The Answer, there are five other supposed expansions on the way for Atlus' RPG. Exploration of the PC files revealed mentions of a “P3R Expansion Pass”, a feature not yet announced by Atlus.

The other five pieces that were leaked in this data search were an “Exploration Item Set”, “EX GM Sets” from Persona 4 Golden and Persona 5 Royal, the “Velvet Room Costume Set” and the “Episode Aigis BGM Set”. However, the Persona 3 Reload community shouldn't create expectations around this just yet.

persona 3 reloadpersona 3 reload
Source: Atlus

After all, this has already happened with other games made by the developer, such as Shin Megami Tensei V. References to a port for PS4 were mentioned, however, this edition never actually came out for fans of the franchise to enjoy on the console. So, it's safer to wait for Atlus itself to talk about the DLCs.

Persona 3 Reload may have ended fan theory, but it depends

Supposed traces of Ryuji Sakamoto, from Persona 5, may have been erased by Atlus in Persona 3 Reload. Because of this, a community theory would be reviewed by internet users. Understand better here!

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