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Persona 3 Reload may have ended fan theory



Persona 3 Reload players are very attentive to details and have noticed some changes made by Atlus to the original experience. While the story remains faithful to the first game, the remake appears to have cut a supposed connection, much discussed by fans, with Ryuji Sakamoto.

Persona fans believed that an unnamed child in Persona 3 Portable was actually Ryuji Sakamoto, one of the members of the group of phantom thieves in Persona 5. After all, both characters wore a yellow shirt, were racing fans and had similar personality traits.

In Persona 3 Reload he appeared again, but Atlus mischaracterized certain details capable of supporting the theory. Those who noticed the changes promptly took to social media to comment on the developers' attitude.

In Persona 5, the Phantom Thief looks like this:

Ryuji Sakamoto in Persona 5 with his blonde hair and black clothesRyuji Sakamoto in Persona 5 with his blonde hair and black clothes

Check out Sakamoto's supposed old appearance:

Just heard an interesting theory this 4th grader is Ryuji Sakamoto
byu/zerrio inPERSoNA

I heard an interesting theory about 4th year student Ryuji Sakamoto.”

Now see how that boy looked in Persona 3 Reload:

Atlus saw Ryuji's theory in Persona 3 Portable and did everything to change the boy in Persona 3 Reload.

There are still people believing that nothing has changed in Sakamoto's lore and he is still the boy from Persona 3. He just doesn't have his hair dyed and his yellow shirt in the re-release. What is your opinion about this?

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