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Phantom Blade Zero demo will be short and restricted



Phantom Blade Zero

Soulframe Liang, founder of S-Game, gave an interview to the Exputer portal, where he spoke about the Phantom Blade Zero demo. According to him, the experiment will last around 30 minutes and will only be delivered to selected people.

This content will come in 2024, but there is no specific window for players to write it down on their calendars so far. During the conversation, he explained why this test was reserved for a certain group of people:

We are preparing a 30-minute demonstration open to a specific group of people invited through our social networks. Testing is really important for collecting feedback and building a community of essential players.

Phantom Blade ZeroPhantom Blade Zero

Demo is coming, but Phantom Blade Zero remains in production

And with the release of a demo, Phantom Blade Zero is expected to be close to arriving on PS5 and PC. Quite the opposite. Liang wants a thorough polishing process for the title and doesn't consider this a “marketing event”:

For many games, perhaps, but for us, no. Testing takes place throughout the entire development process of our game; it's a part of development, not a marketing event. We don't use demos to increase pre-orders, but rather to improve the game in a real environment. This is one of the many things we have adopted from the mobile game development experience. There are alpha, beta and pre-launch tests. I'm not saying we would do the same, but I like the idea of ​​letting players try out an early version of the game, then we improve the game further for the next test where players can watch the progress.

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