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Phantom Blade Zero is not soulslike and will have difficulty options



What the previews said, S-GAME confirmed: Phantom Blade Zero is not a soulslike. At launch, the title will have difficulty options and its focus will be combo gameplay, just like traditional hack ‘n’ slash.

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According to a newly added FAQ on the official profile, the title has always focused on bringing “exciting, combo-based combat that is hectic, rewarding and exciting”. Furthermore, the inspirations in Dark Souls stop at a few influences.

The game page mentions “maps with multiple layers”, “several paths to be explored” and “several hidden areas”. However, S-Game believes that the similarities end there.


Phantom Blade Zero will have difficulty levels to ensure everyone can embark on the “kungfupunk” journey. Additionally, resting at checkpoints does not cause eliminated enemies to revive.

Phantom Blade ZeroPhantom Blade Zero
Source: S-Game

The title is in development for PS5. A release date has not yet been revealed.

It lost? Check out the gameplay of Phantom Blade Zero

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