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Phantom Brave returns after 20 years and will come to PS4 and PS5



NIS America has announced that the Phantom Brave RPG franchise will return after 20 years. The Lost Hero will be released in 2025 for PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC and had its first trailer released during this week’s Nintendo Direct.

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According to the company, the next title will be a “gridless turn-based tactical adventure.” In the campaign, players join Marona and Ash as they travel to different locations to help those in need.

In addition to introducing new skills and a Ghost recruitment system, Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero will feature more than 50 characters and 300 unique powers, which can be activated by combining Gadgets and by fusions with Marona.

Watch the trailer for the RPG made by the creators of Disgaea below:

A release date has not yet been confirmed.

Learn more about the Phantom Brave franchise

Released in 2004 for PlayStation 2, Phantom Brave received favorable reviews for its exhilarating progression and accessible combat for veterans and newcomers to the genre.

After this debut, the title received a remake for Wii in 2009, titled We Meet Again. Later, a port was taken to the PSP, containing several additional features and quality improvements.

Did you get to play the first game in the franchise? What did you think of this return? Comment!

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