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Photos from the set of The Last of Us season two appear



The sets for the second season of The Last of Us had already appeared in some photos, and now some new images have emerged of the locations where the production is being filmed.

O The Last of Us News profile on the social network published clicks that appeared on the Castanet website, which has content related to the region in Canada where the series is being made. Interestingly, however, no one officially confirms what it is. Terri Hadwin, responsible for observing recordings in the area, spoke briefly about the topic.

“I cannot speak to any productions that may or may not be filming in the area at the moment. I can say that 2024 will be a busy year — 2023 was quite quiet due to the strikes, but I am anticipating that many productions will come to our region in 2024”, he commented.

The first season of The Last of Us was recorded in Alberta, and the second has a large part of its sets in Vancouver, where several actors in the cast have already posted that they were in the last few days.

Recordings for the second season of The Last of Us “are incredible”

Pedro Pascal is very excited about filming the second season of The Last of Us. According to Joel's actor, the filming “is incredible” and the cast has shown great dedication in adapting the second part of the series, which will be released on HBO only in 2025. Read more by clicking here.

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