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Player finds mysterious cave in Baldur's Gate 3



A mysterious location was discovered by a Baldur's Gate 3 player and caught the attention of the community. According to internet user elsonwarcraft, the passage is in the Water Queen's House and anyone who invades the premises will need to be careful with the enemies there.

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The fan's discovery was made after more than 400 hours of gameplay. You might even think that he found this location late, but dozens of other adventurers commented that they had not seen this access during the game. Check out the image below:

400 hours I had never discovered this secret passage?
byu/elsonwarcraft inBaldursGate3

400 hours and I had never discovered this passage?

Regarding what exists inside this cave, internet users said there is a legion of priests with aquatic powers. Apparently, they are not that friendly and can attack your group in packs.

These NPCs even appear in the mission “Avenge the Drowned”. If you decide to face the wizards there, the player will leave with a loot of around 600 gold coins to use and improve their equipment.

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