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Player goes viral with “threatening” PS Plus notification



The rapid evolution of artificial intelligence worries some people. After all, can machines harm humans? A curious notification from PS Plus indicates that yes: even our subscription services will occasionally come after us.

Jokes aside, this post from an internet user on Reddit went viral due to the curious way in which the text of an alert from his PlayStation 5 was cut:

Guys I'm scared again what does this mean??
byu/sernamesarehard69 inplaystation

“You have until March 5th”.

That was simply the message that PS Plus sent to him – clearly, an error in those alerts that are sent to renew subscriptions and/or download free games by a certain date. But the user took a photo and posted it on social media saying that he was afraid of the threat and, of course, it generated humorous reactions, many likes and several shares.

Get ready, friends! The PlayStation revolution could be brewing!

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