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Player takes very rare item from Diablo IV and says: “I beat the game”



After the Diablo IV Season 4 item update, equipment with Greater Affixes became the most desired items in the game. Recently, a player known as Glitchsbrew got a Unique Uber with an absurd four Major Affixes, a drop of extreme rarity.

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Obtaining an item with ideal attributes is extremely difficult, and players who achieve them consider themselves extremely lucky. He shared his Harlequin Crest (Shacko) with four Major Affixes on Reddit. These attributes practically dictate the pace in the meta and are essential.

Due to the rarity of this drop, Glitchsbrew understands that it practically “cleared the game”. Check out his post on Reddit:

I think I beat the game. 4GA Shako.
byu/Glitchsbrew indiablo4

Internet users sketched out different reactions such as: “You have become a God” for the player’s complete build.

In addition to being very lucky in getting one of these, if he doesn’t want to use it anymore, he could even sell it for 1 trillion gold coins, as suggested by one of the participants in the discussion.

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