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Players are desperate for Fortnite for a reason



What do you miss most about Fortnite?

There were so many changes to Epic Games' Battle Royale that players' opinions will probably vary greatly when it comes to answering this question. On Reddit, however, a group of people seem to agree that there is a feature that is greatly missed in the game: weapon upgrades.

User 'Bearded_Beardy' wrote: “That's what I miss about Fortnite. Upgrade any weapon from gray to gold”. Others seem to agree in the comments – one user's response, for example, was that “it was simple and effective”while another said: “I understand you and it was a great way to spend your gold”.

The machine not only gave players something else to spend their materials on, but also added a dimension of progression to the games, as it was possible to upgrade the first weapons they picked up to Legendary rarity. It was also a great option for those who couldn't find great weapons early on, no?

Mysterious hole on the Fortnite map intrigues players

According to the most recent Fortnite leaks, Epic Games could be preparing something focused on Greek mythology and a Pandora's box would appear on the map at any time. A hole that is growing out of control on the Island would mark the beginning of a new era in battle royale. Find out more by clicking here.

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