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Players are frustrated with the Joker in Suicide Squad



The Joker has arrived in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, but players aren't laughing at the news. On the game's Reddit, the community expressed their discontent with the grind to unlock the character and how the content was inserted into the title.

Season 1, called “Fear”, brought new Raid Missions and equipment inspired by the Scarecrow. However, the big star is Joker, a new character unlocked for free after reaching Season Level 40. To level up, players go through an exhausting grind of repetitive missions and this has not pleased the majority.

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The user “boreCZ12” was the one who started the discussion on Reddit that quickly gained notoriety with positive votes and many comments. Basically, players question Rocksteady's decisions to introduce a new character without a narrative that pushes the story and without a plausible justification.

What's the point of unlocking a new character when you're basically doing nothing new with them? More gear grinding? To use them on the same type of content you've already played dozens of hours on? It looks like a lot of fun (…) I really tried to be positive, but this kind of update is unacceptable, insulting the players who like the game and are still playing it.

Season 1 is an insult to the remaining playerbase
byu/boreCZ12 inSuicideSquadGaming

The dissatisfaction of other players due to the comments in the publication is almost unanimous. Many mocked the news promised for the next seasons, while others just shared the frustration of having invested time and money in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

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