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players complain about account reset



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The Apex Legends stage doesn't look the best. After having FPS security exposed during its main tournament, Respawn now has to deal with complaints from fans who are having their accounts “reset” in the game. On Reddit, many people have been complaining about having their data reset in the game.

In sequence of publications on social networkthe company admitted the error and promised corrections: “We have released an update to resolve this issue. Any account that logs in now will not experience any loss of progress or content. For players who are losing progress or content after our update this morning – please bear with it for now. We're working on an additional fix to restore your accounts to the state before our update, and we'll let you know when it's ready. Thank you for your patience while we work on this.”.

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Details vary from player to player, but reports tend to include the loss of hundreds of account levels, total battle pass wipes, and even the devastating loss of rare items. In other words, the developers will have a lot of work to fix everything.

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