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players want to kill NPCs for better fps



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The “complex network” of characters created in Dragon's Dogma 2, while being a great attraction for the game's dynamics, also means that it requires much more processing power to function – and, consequently, causes other areas become “harmed”. But the community is already planning a solution…

Everything to try to have better graphical performance and a greater number of frames per second. After all, the game has fps unlocked, and the reasoning of people on Reddit would be that, by reducing the number of NPCs, it would be possible to improve the visuals.

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So why not everyone get together and make a list of “useless” characters that can be annihilated to help with this project?

“Since the way NPCs are handled is theoretically very demanding on your CPU, eliminating NPCs should increase performance. However, what's the point of killing NPCs to improve framerate if you're also killing content? That's why I'm suggesting a list of community sources of useless NPCs that we are free to assassinate,” suggested the user who originally posted on the page.

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Some people took it as a joke, others liked the idea, and it is very likely that this will end up becoming a reality in the community at some point. It probably won't take long. After all, Dragon's Dogma 2 arrives on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC this Friday, March 22nd.

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