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PlayStation 5 Pro: Rumors, specifications and possible release date



With rumors circulating about a potential PlayStation 5 Pro, let's review all the information currently available to get a better idea of ​​what Sony could potentially be cooking up.

As the PlayStation 5 enters the fourth year of its life cycle, rumors regarding a pro version of the console are rife. The PlayStation 4, Sony's previous console generation, received its pro upgrade just three years after the original console launched, so the PS5 is more than ripe for its PS5 Pro counterpart.

Launched as a “stopgap,” the PlayStation 4 Pro introduced a better GPU for better support of new “performance” modes in certain titles that increased graphical fidelity. Primarily intended to bring 4K gaming to the console, the PS4 Pro has seen some success during its four years on the market.

Sony has yet to announce or confirm the existence of the PS5 Pro, according to Insider Gaming, known for publishing reliable reports and leaks, has bolstered its March report stating that a PS5 Pro is on the way. It is presumed that Sony is adopting a similar strategy to that of the PS4 Pro.
Rather than letting hardware run out over a period of five to seven years, these new stopgap consoles would allow Sony and Microsoft to offer newer hardware for those who can afford it.

Remember, everything written here is speculative and should only be considered rumor at this time. So take any information you see about this potential console with a huge grain of salt.

Is PS5 Pro real? What is the Trinity Project?

At this time, no, the PS5 Pro has not been confirmed by Sony and remains pure speculation. However, Tom Henderson, the leading source for PS5 Pro-related news, has referred to the PS5 Pro as 'Project Trinity' and has said that it has been in development since early 2022.

A lot of expectations are based on the last generation of consoles, when Microsoft and Sony added the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X to the list of available hardware. As with the predictions surrounding the PS5 Slim, many of the rumors are based on previous actions from hardware manufacturers.

PlayStation 5 console

PS5 Pro spec speculation

Moore's Law is Dead recently released a video detailing the specifications of the PS5 Pro console. As with any Moore's Law is Dead video, the details provided should be taken with a grain of salt, as the YouTuber has had successes and failures with his leaks in the past.

However, Tom Henderson at Insider Gaming has confirmed that many of the leaked details surrounding the PS5 Pro are accurate. According to Henderson, the PS5 Pro is expected to release with 576 GB/s (18GT/s) system memory, a 28% increase over the launch version of the Sony console.

The CPU will allegedly be identical to that of the PS5, but the PS5 Pro will feature a 'High CPU Frequency Mode'. This mode will push the CPU to 10% more than the original PS5, putting it at 3.85 GHz.

Additionally, according to this same source, the PS5 Pro will have a larger GPU with a 45% faster rendering improvement than its predecessor. It is also said that the PS5 Pro will offer ray tracing compatibility 2 to 3 times faster and in some cases 4 times where possible.

PS5 Pro release date speculation

According to Insider Gaming, the PS5 Pro is expected to release in fall 2024. Although Sony has yet to officially announce any information regarding the next iteration of the PS5, new leaked details have emerged indicating that the console will launch later. late this year.

These leaked details come from the previously mentioned Tom Henderson, who accurately predicted PlayStation's portable streaming device ahead of the announcement. Writing for Key to Gaming, Henderson said he expects the PS5 Pro to launch in November 2024.

This would mean that the PS5 Pro would launch four years after the initial PS5 launch.

And that's everything we know for the moment about the PS5 Pro. We will update this article as soon as we have new information about this new console.

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