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PlayStation helped with the latest adjustments to Rise of the Ronin



The partnership between Team Ninja and Sony on Rise of the Ronin was not merely a matter of ensuring the title's exclusivity on PS5. In an interview with Eurogamer Portugal, the game's producer, Yosuke Hayashi, highlighted how PlayStation helped with the latest adjustments to the title, with the intention of making it more accessible to the “general public”.

“By collaborating with PlayStation and Sony on this game, we sought to expand the reach of our work. Although Team Ninja led the design, Sony provided assistance with testing the game. We incorporate feedback from user testing and make adjustments to make the experience more accessible. Many describe Ronin as a synthesis of our previous work. And this aligns with our goal of satisfying Team Ninja fans while also providing an experience that new fans will enjoy as well. I feel like this game carries our definitive signature”, he added.

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Created with the latest version of the Katana Engine, developed by Koei Tecmo itself, Rise of the Ronin continues the efforts started in Nioh and Wo Long, built on the foundation established by Ninja Gaiden. The game is exclusive to PS5 and will be released on Friday (22). You can check the review here MyPlayStation.

Tips for beginners in Rise of the Ronin

Sony has released a small guide with tips for beginners in The Rise of Ronin, a new PlayStation 5 exclusive that will be released this Friday (22). After all, it has gameplay with a high level of difficulty – yes, more accessible than other Team Ninja games, but still, not easy.

Producer Yosuke Hayashi and director Fumihiko Yasuda summarized the main information into five topics to make players well informed and aware of what to do to get a good start in the adventure. Click here to see the tips.

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